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Cryptocurrency trading is booming as there is more crypto projects funraising in the space.
What is cryptocurrency trading

The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer had an excellent series on social entrepeneurship in December of 2008.  Each segment features a philanthopist or non-profit organization that is creating positive change.

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Best 3 Crypto Fundraising Projects in Canada for 2022

Capital continues to flow into new cryptocurrencies, despite the fact that the entire cryptocurrency market will correct in 2022 and bears are clearly in the majority. Due to the fact that numerous presales of new coins for interested investors will be held by publishers around the middle of 2022. The number of coins on the cryptocurrency market continues to rise. This makes it more difficult for investors to determine the best cryptocurrencies. In the following article, we will examine the largest crypto fundraising projects in 2022.

How promising are the ongoing presales? Which Initial Coin Offering Could Become a 100x Coin? Due to the undeniable fact that a successful presale presents a high-risk reward.

What about trading brokers and platforms
You are spoiled for choice in 2022 when searching for a reputable online trading platform. Whether you prefer trading cryptocurrencies, forex, stocks or options. You can save time by reading brokers reviews on sites such as, where options are available for traders from all Canadian provinces. Leave the search to our team of seasoned professionals, then relax and enjoy happy trading!

1. Battle Infinity (IBAT) - Best Crypto Fundraising Project

Battle Infinity is one of the best crypto-fundraising projects in 2022, with massive demand following the beginning of the presale. After pre-sale of Battle Infinity (IBAT) began on July 11, 2022, awareness increased rapidly. Despite the absence of a private presale, the soft cap of 2,000 BNB was reached within a week. With a volume of approximately $500,000, one could already acquire a substantial amount of capital. However, the demand for Battle Infinity tokens continues to be high, as they are still being purchased.

With Battle Infinity, it will be possible in 2022 to invest in a new gaming platform whose native token is IBAT. The total supply of IBAT coins is 10 billion, of which 28% will be sold during the presale. The listing for PancakeSwap should then follow.

But why can one of the largest crypto fundraising projects, Battle Infinity, generate high demand in 2022? One could refer to the diversified platform approach as an investment case if supported by a solid analysis. The gaming platform incorporates play-to-earn elements into the individual IBAT Battle Games games. Concurrently, there is the Battle Arena for thrilling battles against other players, in which they compete using immersive Metaverse experiences.

2. LESHY Inu (LES) - Best meme coin for the DeFi

Upon its launch in June 2022, LESHYInu became one of the fastest-growing communities on the cryptocurrency market. The objective of LES is to increase the acceptance of digital currencies, so the company aims to make cryptocurrencies accessible to all. On the Binance Smart Chain, the block time is reportedly only five seconds, and the gas fees are lower than on the Ethereum network.

In the white paper, speculative traders or market participants who wish to hedge the high volatility of cryptocurrencies are identified as the target audience. LESHY is intended to serve as a medium-term payment method for services and goods. Institutions can issue tokens on their own via the LESHY Partner Program platform.

3. Levi Inu (LINU): The small anime token

Levi Inu is possibly not the largest crypto fundraising project for 2022. (LINU). However, investors with a tolerance for risk could maintain the possibility of an above-average return by purchasing LINU during the presale. Given that the desired hard cap is only 70 BNB, the estimated market capitalization is less than 50,000 U.S. dollars. On Monday, the Levi Inu (LINU) pre-sale will begin, so investors may wish to act quickly. Because there are few tokens available for the presale.

Within 24 hours prior to the presale, 780 new votes have propelled LINU to the top spot on Coinsniper. Here, demand could assemble rapidly enough to utilize the entire quantity of presales. Currently, there are approximately 1,000 followers on Twitter, and the trend is growing.

Since Levi Inu describes himself as the world's best utility anime token, demand could be generated from the popular anime market. The current emphasis is on enjoyment. But different characteristics will soon follow.

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