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The Art of the Ask (new!)
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Major Gift Fundraising in the Small Shop (new!)
Active Listening Guide
Anatomy of an Ask
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Fundamentals of Stewardship
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Building and Maintaining an Effective Board (new!)
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Association of Fundraising Professionals

The Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University

Charity Channel

Everyday Giving’s Top 10 Fundraising Blogs
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The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer had an excellent series on social entrepeneurship in December of 2008.� Each segment features a philanthopist or non-profit organization that is creating positive change.

Please share your inspirational stories!

Conference Call

Major Gift Fundraising in the Small Shop
Listen to this conference call and learn how to use your time wisely and effectively and raise more money for your organization. �Speakers: Katie Gardella, President, Prosper Fundraising Strategies, Donna Nicholaides, Director of Philanthropy, Animal Rescue League of New Hampshire, Michele Jansen, Station Manager, KBEM, public radio in Minneapolis.

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I love classic movies — and not just for their obvious entertainment value. I also realize that they can be valuable teaching tools in the art of solicitation and persuasion. I’ve listed a few of my favorite cinematic examples of both good and bad fundraising techniques. Feel free to comment or send a few of your own favorites!

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Katie Gardella, President
Prosper Fundraising Strategies

The Graduate
Please don’t think I’m suggesting that seducing your donor is ethical or effective. However, I love the way Mrs. Robinson remains cool in the face of opposition and is never deterred from her final goal – which, of course, she obtains.

The Lady Eve
Again, a scene of seduction, which I don’t advocate (see above). But the Lady Eve so masterfully captures the attention of Charles simply by asking him questions. By completely focusing her attention on her shy companion, she draws him out, gets him talking, and learns everything she needs to know to succeed (and yes, she is after his money!).

If Rick had been more persistent, he would have been able to convince Captain Renault to stick with that 20,000 franc wager. He shouldn’t have given up so easily and should have had a response to that “I’m only a poor corrupt official” comment!

Double Indemnity
Worst Solicitation Ever! Do I even have to point out the flaws? “That’s a honey of an anklet you’re wearing Mrs. Dietrichson”. YUCK!

Duck Soup
Rufus T. Firefly, shame on you! That is the best example of bad listening I’ve ever seen. And you’re insulting and rude to boot! A top notch fundraiser knows when to speak and when to listen. If you had just cultivated the passion Mrs. Teasdale obviously has for Fredonia, you would have been able to ask her for anything!

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